Connecting Rods Rod for VW 1.9 TDI PD130 PD150 H Beam Conrod ARP200 Bolts 26mm taper small end TUV Certification Balanced Cranks

telescopic rod, leather car parts

Car Fan Turbo

Gear shift stick knob gaiter 5 speed chrome. Chevrolet 4d. Tools fuel injection pump. 15825-p2m-005 15825p2m005010122-000. 0034664001 0034664101 0034664201 0034664301. Pdc parking sensor 66206989069 for bmw 3 5 e39 e46 e60 e61 e65 e66 e83. Sf-srb-32. Thermostat opel. For nissan patrol safari civilian 4.2l. Total length: 6an to m10 x 1.5. 

E150 Toyota Corolla

For mk4 mkiv 4 (07-14). Ct12a turbo rebuild kit. 294200-0300 2942000300 294009-0300 2940090300. Fit car2: Model year: A6 q3 seat alhambra ii parking brake cable. Wholesale china via. For vw sharan/multivan 5/transporter 5. 150212d6u1b2s1a. Engine code: 15825-p08-005,15825p08005. 

Toyota Cylinder Head

25183354 / 96333470 / 25184710 / 96440655. 6c040-55452. 4 pcs / set. For vauxhall   opel zafria a gsi or b vxr 2.0 turbo petrol. Fits volvo 850 s70 v70 sedan wagon 1991-2000. Sa-3838-24. For bmw 328i 528i e36 e46. Oem part number 3: 13 90 1 433 603Water level control valve1533021011. 0.179kg. A7 audi. 

Fuel Injected Pump

For audi a4 a6 a8, vw passat, skoda superb v4 v6 2.4 2.6 2.7 2.8l. Wholesale bogart. 15825-pcx-015 15825pcx015. Part no.: 133mm(5.234 ). 1147412166. 9s518575bb 55180041 9s518575ba 1580532. 0928400588. Cute compact mirrors. 4tne82. For vwjetta gli mk4 1.8 t 2000-2005. Intended use: 2435526710. 

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The Shadowhunter Lightweight Gear Set #1 as modeled by Robert Lightwood and Michael Wayland. All the layers!! My hand is sore.

reblogging myself to remind myself to do this with more sets


Ok so not technically a fairytale but something fun for today – Kit and Ty as part of my Shadowhunter/fairytale mashup with Cassandra Jean. Can you spot the Shadowhunter clues on Ty’s table – clockwork angel anyone? #tsc #kitty

I wish I had the attention span and knowledge required to make a game. 

(background drawing > LINK )

On the Brink of a Story - New Artbook! Coming Soon!

  • Hardcover
  • 102 pages (73 illustrations, 29 sketchbook)
  • Shipping will be USA only (at the start)
  • Limited 250 copies
  • I will sign and draw in each copy
  • $40 

Hey guys!!! I got some advanced copies of ON THE BRINK and the quality looks great! I’m so excited!! (they smell good, they pass the test!) 

This will be a special edition run of 250 copies. I will sign each copy, and draw in each one inside the cover so everyone will get a special sketch! (what you get will be a surprise!) 

((For those who find the price tag too costly: I will at a later date, once the first run sells out, make less fancy paperback copies available- these will be available for international shipping as well. They will not be signed or have the special drawings, but at least you will be able to get a copy at some point)) 

Here is the first glimpse of Raphael Santiago sketches for The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel!! 


love, Muna and Leu

(I DID IT!! I drew my first proper fantasy map!! I did it…) 

Welcome to Chorsida! The continent where Land of Lions takes place!

Major Towns

  • Roda Bazaar - Main home of the Mice. Famous for its large open air market, jewelry, and fabrics.
  • Leonecca - Capital of Loxaera and largest Lion settlement. A sprawling city surrounding the Sultan’s Palace.
  • ??? - The Addax tribes live in small nomadic camps spread out all throughout the Sleeping Sands. Good luck finding them.
  • High Hide Village - Home of the Panthers. A huge village up in the misty tree tops connected by a network of bridges. Famous for it’s hall of records.
  • Anoa Castle Town - Capital of Cauterin. The Buffalo King & Queen live within the castle. The b ustling town surrounding it is where the farmers come to trade. Famous for it’s restaurants.
  • The Ruins of Beacon - The now abandoned firefly village, it’s buildings are falling apart.
  • Pokoko Village - The largest of the Jackal settlements. A snowy mountain village nestled high in the mountains. Most of the Jackals are miners in the caves all throughout the Howling Peaks.
  • Rocca Nomi - Home of the Crows. A cluttered city on the cliff-side by the sea. Filled with entertainment, it’s beautiful by day but known to be dangerous at night.
  • Arena - Capital of Montelupine and home of the Falcons. A massive, sprawling, rich and extravagant city. Famous for its libraries and museums.
  • Xiao Hamlet - Home of the Tigers. Surrounded by farms and rice paddies. Famous for it’s teas.
  • Imperial Bastion - Home of the Crocodile Empress. A stronghold protected by the mists. Most crocodiles live in stilted homes spread throughout the mists. Only the Empress and select others live inside the Bastion.

(descriptions of the geographical areas under the cut!)

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The young musician’s violin floated in the water as the mermaid reached down to save him from the shipwreck… Tessa and Jem’s fairytale/Shadowhunters @cassiejp mashup. #shadowhunters #tsc #cassandrajean #jessa Stay tuned for more news about this project!


(a close up! Happy Valentines Day!)

Meet Leu!

Trusty sidekick to Faris (The Imperial Guard to the Sultan), Leu is loaned to Muna to act as a guide when the Sultan sends him to pick up a package. He quickly grows attached to Muna, but this strange creature often raises more questions than answers. Leu has the unique ability to mimic any sound or voice.


Theodore and Alexander for Valentines ;3; (for @mosskat )